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Corporate Taxes & Accounting

If you run a small business or corporation, you’re probably aware that effectively managing its finances can’t always be accomplished with in-house personnel. Even with an adept chief financial officer, certain tasks are better taken care of using outside help. At LMH CPA, our team of corporate tax and accounting experts can provide you the helping hand your business needs to thrive.

Corporate Taxes

Every business operates differently, therefore every business requires a unique approach when handling its taxes. At LMH CPA, we work directly with businesses of all types; during our free initial evaluation period, we develop personalized business relationships with you and/or your team while gaining valuable insight into how your company operates. This enables us to provide you with tax solutions that cater specifically to the needs of your business.

When seeking out the best tax solutions for your business, LMH CPA accounts for all the integral aspects that keep your company running smoothly. We specialize in analyzing business operating systems to ensure they are working in ways which maximize returns come tax season. Our team can also provide guidance pertaining to the optimization of inventory systems, employee benefit programs, and 401k plans.

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Keeping Your Business Prepared

At LMH CPA, we can provide your business with accurate tax projections and quarterly reviews that work to minimize your total tax liability. This helps ensure that when tax season rolls around, your business is equipped to handle any contingencies that arise.

Corporate Accounting

Many facets of corporate taxes and accounting work hand in hand; and when both are properly managed, they can function together to maximize the financial well-being of your business.

Have your margins changed? Does your business have too much inventory on the shelf? Those are just a couple of the items we take into consideration when compiling comprehensive analytical reports.

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At LMH CPA, our corporate accounting specialists conduct a thorough analysis to provide your business with calculated solutions to help your business run more efficiently. Once we’re familiar with your business and its objectives, our team can also effectively determine both high and low-level key performance indicators; this provides the advantage of being able to set attainable short and long term targets for your company to reach.

At LMH CPA, we strictly adhere to the standards set out by the AICPA to ensure your finances are not only being handled effectively but ethically as well.

Financial Coaching

In order to cultivate the continued expansion of your business, it’s important to fully understand all financial intricacies while taking the uncertainties of the future and outside factors into consideration. Being equipped with the right knowledge can help ensure the long-term success of your business.

By compiling vital analytical data and using it in combination with any relevant data provided, LMH CPA is able to guide businesses in the development of comprehensive financial plans. When making a crucial financial decision, timing is key; and our team helps you time each of those decisions effectively to the benefit of your business.

For over 10 years, companies throughout the US have relied on our financial guidance to keep them moving forward.

Business-to-Business – Working Together Toward Success

As a business ourselves, we’re used to the day in and day out dedication it takes to succeed in the current marketplace. And in order for your business to flourish, you need to be able to focus on increasing your bottom line without having to waste time dealing with unnecessary distractions. These distractions may often come in the form of keeping your accounts in check and properly filing taxes; fortunately at LMH CPA, expertly taking care of those distractions is our specialty.


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