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Financial Advisement & Money Management

The approach a business takes in regard to handling its finances plays a large role in determining the long-term success of that business. Developing a viable budget, making informed investments, and allocating money for necessary assets while being able to pay employees what they deserve: each of these financial equations can be difficult to solve without the right accounting firm in your corner.

With over 10 years of experience, the financial advisement experts at LMH CPA have empowered businesses throughout the US by helping them to take control of their financial situations. We work side-by-side with you and your team to help ensure the future prosperity of your business.

Managing Your Cash Flow

Figuring out how to build the proper balance between revenues and expenses is integral to the growth of any business. At LMH CPA, we calculate a cash flow budget that enables your business to thrive while accounting for all necessary spending. Our financial advisement specialists work with you to pinpoint cash flow sensitivities in order to prevent potential deficits.

Optimizing Merchant Services

Your business obviously increases its revenue every time a customer pays for the product or service it offers; however, the way your business accepts and processes those payments can have a large impact on your bottom line. If your merchant services solution is inefficient, your company could be looking at $1,000s in lost potential revenue every quarter. During your free initial consultation period, we analyze your current merchant services solution in order to maximize its efficiency; and if necessary we can help find and implement new, more cost effective solutions.

Financial Advisement & Money Management

Maximizing Your ROI

Whether hiring a new employee, purchasing equipment, or considering moving into a new office space, you want to be sure that the return on your investment is going to meet or beat expectations. Our personalized approach to financial advisement enables us to calculate, analyze, and project current and future financial scenarios giving you the data necessary to make informed investment decisions.

Reporting & Analytics

Financial reports can tell a lot about a business; but it’s what your business does with the information those reports provide that makes the real difference.

financial verification

Verifying Your Financial Data

Prior to analyzing your finances, our team of financial advisement experts carefully reviews your business’ current and past financial reports to ensure the numbers match up with 100% confidence.

At LMH CPA, we provide your business with confidential validation of its financial reporting including:

  • Cash flow statements
  • Income statements
  • Capital statements
  • Balance sheets
financial analysis

Analyzing Your Financial Data

Once we’ve compiled and reviewed your financial reports, we conduct a comprehensive fiscal data analysis providing your business with insight beyond the numbers. This analysis also enables us to accurately calculate projected data giving you access to documents including:

  • Financial analysis reports
  • Tax projections
  • Cost analysis
  • Management reports
  • Cash reports, projections, and budgets

Planning for a Successful Future

At LMH CPA, the long-term success of your business is our top priority. No matter the industry, our team of accounting experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to help your business flourish. We understand that making smart financial decisions now is one of the best tools at your disposal to ensure financial success in the future.


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